An Automotive Life...

Pioneers at mass production and affordable vehicles, the innovators of suburbia and creators of a massive interstate highway system, the United States built a culture around self-driven vehicles. For five generations, automobiles, trucks and motorcycles have defined American life. This book shares our automotive history, technology, culture and the unique ways Americans have navigated an automotive lifestyle.

Today, 85% of American workers drive a personal vehicle to work. Public transportation is largely unavailable at rural communities. A secure middle class suburban household has at least one automobile, light truck or SUV. Many families have several vehicles including motorcycles. We see ourselves through that lens, and this book is about our shared experience.

The 21st Century is an inflection point. ADAS and autonomous vehicles, the phaseout of fossil fuel and the high cost of vehicle ownership will redefine automobility. Navigating these changes begins with understanding our relationship to automobility—the purpose of this book.

Like many other Baby Boomers, my American automotive journey began as a teenager during the muscle car and early four-wheel drive era. A fascination with automobiles, 4x4s and motorcycles carried into professional roles as an automotive mechanic, heavy equipment operator, Automotive Technology instructor, magazine and newspaper journalist, columnist, 4x4 trail guide and bestselling Jeep®, light truck and motorcycle author.

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Table of Contents...

Foreword: The Automotive Era

Chapter 1: Automotive Beginnings

Chapter 2: Road Building, Suburbia and Infrastructure

Chapter 3: Mass Production and Postwar Advances

Chapter 4: High Octane Fuel and the Horsepower Race

Chapter 5: The Economy Cars

Chapter 6: The Horsepower Race and Muscle Car Era—Part 1

Chapter 7: The Horsepower Race and Muscle Car Era—Part 2

Chapter 8: The Horsepower Race and Muscle Car Era—Part 3

Chapter 9: Air Quality and Emission Controls

Chapter 10: Automotive Safety—Brakes, Steering and Handling

Chapter 11: EFI—New Life for the Internal Combustion Engine

Epilogue: An Automotive Strategy

217-page "eBook" with color illustrations...Price: