Create a Strategy for Your Automotive Lifestyle...

Automobility is fundamental to American economic and cultural life. Many parts of the country have no public transportation, and 85% of workers depend on a personal vehicle to access their jobs. Despite the polarization of politics, most modern Americans share a common trait: the automotive lifestyle. 

For most Americans, expenses like food, housing and vehicles are constant throughout our adult lives. Regardless of personal interests, careers, income status, cultural bearing or health, we support vehicle manufacturers, the energy industry and a 1.8-trillion dollar global automotive aftermarket that furnishes parts, equipment and services related to keeping our vehicles rolling. 

Each family approaches automobility differently. Our relationship to automobiles, light trucks, SUVs and motorcycles often changes over a lifetime. This guide provides a framework for assessing your current relationship to automobility and where that could lead. How will you navigate this economic staple, our dominant means of transportation and American cultural zeitgeist?

—Moses Ludel

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