Subletting Your Vehicle's Service and Repairs...

Working on your own vehicle may not be possible due to limited space, time constraints, your skills and the tools required. If your experience, lifestyle or a particular task requires subletting work to a dealership or independent shop, this guide will help you make better choices. 

Consumers complain about the charges for automotive service and parts, and that's clearly a concern. The shop must charge and bill fairly. Equally important, you need a qualified shop that has ample tools and equipment, model-specific service data and experience with your vehicle make and model. The technician must be well trained and familiar with your vehicle and its factory service procedures. 

When a shop or technician is not qualified, the work does not get done properly. This can lead to a safety or reliability issue and time spent returning to the shop for additional work. You need a shop that will do the best work possible with today's complex and often challenging diagnostics, troubleshooting, service and repairs. Know how to make that distinction.

—Moses Ludel

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