Meeting a Vehicle's Needs...

"Preventive maintenance" has been my strategy since 1969. As the fleet mechanic at Paradise Valley Hospital's Engineering Department, I was solely responsible for 22 light- and medium-duty trucks, construction equipment and the Metro Vans used for food service and laundry delivery. By performing service work before a vehicle broke down, I kept the fleet mobile and able to safely and reliably serve a community hospital's vital needs. 

My maintenance strategy to this day is the same as half a century ago. Work always begins with a lube-oil-filter service plus a full chassis and powertrain inspection. In today's world of self-serve fueling stations, even basic checks get neglected. 

It is crucial to catch mechanical problems before they sideline your vehicle or make it unsafe to drive. Whether you perform your own service work like I do or sublet work to a shop, this guide will help you understand maintenance needs for a safer, more reliable vehicle. Avoid costly damage and preserve the value of your car, truck or SUV.

—Moses Ludel

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